Saturday, 7 January 2012

Counter Canter Photography

Thank you for expressing an interest in my work. I am an amateur equestrian photographer, and I love to capture that special moment when you clear the final jump, receive your rosette, or take artistic shots of your four-legged friend to hang on your wall. I have been around horses (and other animals) from an early age, and to me, horses are the embodiment of elegance, unpredictability and beauty. I love every aspect of equine photography, and I like the artistry of a single second captured forever.

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My favourite experience so far has been the 2011 Boxing Day Meet. I loved the stark contrast of the riders’ jackets against the earthy winter background, and the soft browns of the hounds and natural colours of the horses. I also enjoyed the pomp and importance of the morning.

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Thank you, I hope you enjoy my photography.

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